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We deliver expert wellness and urgent care services designed to keep your pet as healthy as possible. Whether it’s an annual checkup, vaccinations, or regular treatments, we offer everything your pet needs.

Basset Hound Check-Up

Pet Wellness Exams

From your puppy's first visit to your senior dogs annual check up, we will be here to ensure they receive the best of care

Scientist in the Lab

Veterinary Diagnostic Labs

We offer in clinic and send out testing with Idexx veterinary labs

Feeding Newborn Kitten

Urgent Care Services

When your pet is not feeling its best, we are here to help. We offer in clinic x-ray, ultrasound, and diagnostic lab work

Dog Lover

Laser therapy treatments

Our highly trained staff offers laser therapy treatments to help your pet with muscle soreness, joint disease, and wound healing.

Dog in Cone

Surgical Services

We offer surgical appointments on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Some surgical procedures we offer are: spays, neuters, mass removals, and feline declawing 

We do require a pre-surgical exam before scheduling surgery

Brushing Dog's Teeth


Does your dog or cat have bad breath, trouble eating, or excessive drooling? At Dr. Abby's Veterinary Clinic we offer routine  cleanings, dental x-ray, extractions, and oral mass removals

Portsmouth Area Mosquito Control & Organic Tick treatments.png

Heartworm and tick-borne testing

Did you know your dog can contract heartworm disease from one mosquito bite? Tick-borne diseases (such as Lymes disease & Anaplasmosis) can also be spread easily to your pet. We offer safe and accurate testing in clinic with results in less than ten minutes

If you are late for your appointment, no call/no show for an appointment, or cancel a surgery within 24 hours of appointment time- fees may incur.

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